Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mallu union in Singapore

I know its a gap of around 3 months since I scribble something here. Though i have an inner urge to post something, my laziness create major bottleneck to do something creative. Now, I found some time , by somehow...and thought i would write about a very nostalgic story that happened during my stay in Singapore.

I used to visit terminal-1 of Changi Airport for having my dinner from Pizza Hut. It usually be once in a week , may be on sundays. One such sunday, I met a guy there, showing feminine charecteristics but very friendly to his customers. I noticed him in the first week itself, and this time, got an opportunity to talk to him as well. I told him to bring some sauce, and when he brought that to my table,he started asking questions. Where are u from ?. where are u staying etc etc.., all basic questions... from the accent I could understand he is a typical mallu. But i kept mum. Then he fired me a question ,, Are you a malayali ? I got surprised, and with a smile , i agreed. Ohh My God !!!, shouldve seen his face !!!! turns red , with happiness , started talking nonstop, within 2 minutes , his family background, singapore stories, past jobs etc he told me. I was amazed, how Antony, (thats his name) an unknown waiter in a Pizza hut at Changi Airport , became a friend of me within a very short span of time!!! When I finished my dinner, he patiently came to my place and wished goodnight in malayalam. Generally the pizza hut staffs are very energetic, this incident helped Antony more energetic :-) Infact he was telling me, in the past 1 month, He met only 3 Malayalis there (he was checking indeed!!) and I was the third one.

My next visit to Pizza Hut was after 2 weeks, and by the time I was about to travel back. I wanted to tell him bye and if possible to give him some tips too.
But when I reached there, I could not see Antony there. I asked the other staffs about him, and they told me , he had already been transferred to another branch with a permanent post there. (He was a trainee in that changi Branch !!) Perhaps his energetic relationship skills would be the reason by the management to make him permanent very fast... He was just 2 months old in Pizza Hut and 3 months in Singapore. He reached Singapore by marrying a nurse from Kerala working in Singapore. Previously he was working with a construction company in Dubai...

Though he is mediocre in his education and humble in his background, he is able to create a huge impact in my heart (like many others would ve felt like that as well !!). Once again, its a usual story of any Mallu in foreign land (not in his own place )

Maru nadan Mallus .... Neenaaal vazhatte !!!!

(Let the expat Mallus long live !!! thats the literal translation :-) )

Catch u later for another story !!!



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