Saturday, August 22, 2009

The interview

That was a Tuesday in first week of Aug,2009.....

previous week i had to undergo a telephonic interview and based on their feedback, i was asked to attend a Face to Face interview (supposed to be the final) at their recruitment office in Bangalore.

I was bit anxious on the whole procedure. First of all , this company is one of the most reputed IT companies in the world , most profitable organisation, one of the top 5 IT company in turn over on 2008 in India, many Nobel laureates are working in this organization , like that so many specialities are there. (i don't want to mention the name , since I am gonna join there soon :-) ) .

It was painful to complete the whole procedure.. The shortlisting, preliminary screening and Telephonic interview etc itself took around 1.5 months to complete and now am in the final stage.

We were around 5 people to attend the interview. I acquainted one guy from Oracle Financials (Formerly Iflex). He has around 6 years of BA experience in CGI and IFLEX, after his MBA.

I was losing my confidence after meeting with this guy. I normally show good confidence whenever i meet someone. But that day was different.. I think that HR lady who was in charge of the procedures, was able to understand my nervousness. She gave me confidence, and console me that you already cleared the most gruelling technical part of the interview and now it is only a understanding session with the senior management team.

It gave me immense confidence and obviously the interview session was very jovial and satisfying. I was very open and expressive to the panel. They liked my attitude and openness with clarity of thought. (My wife may laugh as she often tease me that I am not clear in my thoughts!!).

Anyway, end of the session, Annie (thats her name ) accompanied me till exit, and wished. The next day I got the message from her that i was being selected.

More than me, the recruitment consultant was very happy to share this news as she clinched me for them amidst intense competition from different recruitment consultants.

Came to know later that the guy from IFLEX also got selected on that day....

Overall, it was one of the most satisfying interviews that I ever attended in my last 7 years of professional career.....



Daily Diary


Well, after a gap of six months , i thought, let me talk to my blog again. There are many things which prevented me to write , though i luv to do so. I used to write a daily diary to narrate day to day incidents , issues, my troubles and views so that, i could use it as a direction of my past if go through those some time later. Unfortunately , lots of internal -external pressures like family , office, and the new arrival in my family etc forced me to be so lazy in diary writing everyday.

Now , in the age of this super technologies, i thought i should definitely utilise , the blog facility so that i can scrap something on a specific incidents and can expose to a group of convenient friends..

Yea,, its a fantastic idea, and am sure we all gonna enjoy this maximum..

Now on, i shall talk to my blog, whenever some interesting incidents occurr in my life which has some news value.. You all too can read and comment your views as well.