Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singapore Diary

My Singapore trip !!!! that was a biggest joke in last 12 months, may be ever since I joined in my present company. Since one of my main jobs, is to "Transform" and "Transition" the business, the travel plan was inevitable. But due to many reasons (as usual), it never happened, but the whole world knew that am ready for a travel.

So finally after 12 months later, I landed here. Though personally not interested to be here (due to project reasons), coming back to Singapore, after a gap of around 2.5years is surely a nostalgic one. And I realised , how fast the city is changing. I think they are giving an extreme competition to US and Europe interms of modernism, development and technology !!!

Watching Youth olympics opening ceremony from Marina Sands Sky Tower was an awesome experience. 200 Meter high, they have created a amzing world of Restaurants, Swimming pool, garden and rooftop view.... Its just amazing.!!!! No words to explain.

I could see a very clear cultural convergience also . To explain, I stay in a hotel inside the Airport itself, (not intentional, but due to company policy and the result is even drinking water is extreemly costly!!) So often i come to the Indian Veg Restaurant -Anand bhavan to have my food. There I could see chinese and Malays waiting for Thosai(Dosai), Masala Thosai, Idli, Vadai Sambal (Sambar) etc. Similary, If we go to Chinese Restaurants, you may find Indian Couples, girls,families etc would be rushing for food joints,as normal like a typical chinese (girls with mini skirt aaahhh :-) )

After all .. its okey lah... neh mind lah... cultural barriers lah....needs to overcome all these.. Am happy to see this, and We Indian needs to learn from all these things. And while writing this, I saw an amazing view. Husband (an Indian origin) waiting in the Anand Bhavan, and his Wife a Chinese, come to reception, order typical South Indian dishes, for both of them , and having so comfortably....
Truly globalisation impact :-) Its just like the whole world is eating Pizza or Burgers....

Baaki, Later... time to go for sleep !!



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