Thursday, July 22, 2010

Promotion,Increment and responsibility -A paradigmshift

In our professional life, these are the buzz words anyone would go through every day. The bosses would use these terms conveniently to get the work done. Your clients would strategically use these terminologies to make things happen by hook or crook.What more to say, you and your peers (we all :-) ) would use these to convince ourselves to the reality that we are always underpaid and always underperformed against the targets.

Yet , all are unhappy and disappointed (perhaps most) when the annual salary increments and appraisal results announced. Recently, when I had an opportunity to travel with one of the top guns of a company, was telling me that the system should be fair and Just to most.Exceptional cases are always addressed. I am very much with his thought of being Just and Fair, else an organisation of such large scale cannot survive in this highly complex -competitive world.

The fact is, companies are trying new ways and methods to attract talent, so forced to pay more when they join. However, once they joined , further improvements, promotions, career upliftment etc are just a secondary activity for the HR . (Nowadays HR team is working like a sales department with full fledged targets to meet monthly!!!)

Every company has their own appraisal system where in it will make you, as embarassed as possible and will convince you " Not fit for an increment" every year. May be this is one way of doing revenge to the person who negotiated highly and join with an uncomparable salary with the peers. He has to undergo a series of mental torture , when he completes one full cycle of evaluation. In IT industry, the disparity on salary and increment is very high. Unlike other industries like banking., the uniformity in similar grade is clearly missing, which is resulting very high dissatisfaction among the peers.

Another interesting fact is , the person negotiated high and average ones, is not much differentiating on his/her work. Perhaps the average person would show more commitment on his work as he has a target to chase the higher salary :-)

Certain companies have a peculiar progression system, wherein you may demand for more work and present your facts to a group of panelists. If they accept your case, your may be eligible to move upwards. Even if you may not get progressions or increment, this would guarentee you,higher responibilities matching your level that you attained.

What a strategy sirji !!!!!. Getting more jobs, without paying anything extra!!!

So, according to me, the present system of evaluation, salary structure, increment schemes and career advancement etc are inadequate to nurture and retain the real talent in every organisation. As long as the think-tanks are not taking an open minded -bold steps , the free flow will continue and look for greener pasteurs.

And ofcourse, the other side is always greener !!!!!!

Cheers !!!

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