Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are you a sellable commodity in the job market ?

After the great recessional years in 2008-2010, the jobs are available in the market again. Companies started their hiring plan again. Bonus are declared with increment in salary. Some even declaring this with arrears.

Now the people who are stagnant in their current companies also started thinking, why can't I try in the market so that I can improve my earnings substantially.

Even I have received couple of resumes whom wanted to cash in this opportunity.

However unlike previous year maddening recruitment spree, now a days companies are lil more cautious in recruiting. They are willing to spend like anything (any extreem) for the niche skilled/ quality resources. Where as the average and non sellable resources are treated with average or No Pay. And the monitoring policies are even more stringent inorder to filter the unwanted elements.

That is why I put a Question: Are u sellable in the Job market !!! if you dont upgrade your skills, with the supportings of certifications, or some thing else, you may be disappointed.

Hence I am preparing my first ever certification course for the year... A journey just begins....

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