Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mobile "fone"- Greatest revolution of the century

Why have I chosen this subject to talk now!! Yes, I strongly believe, Mobile
Pf)hone is the greatest revolution in this century. Not that some other stuffs like revolution in automobile, agriculture, banking etc are forgotten, but this has given a huge value addition to our day to day life.

I still remember during 95-96 period, BPL launched their premium pre-paid services in Kerala by introducing a very heavy mobile instrument. So as Escotel (Now acquired by Idea I think!)
Those days, an Incoming call would cost you in the range of Rs 18- 25 per minute. Forget about the outgoing call costs as it would be even more costly. Hence owning a Pre-Paid mobile was considered as very pride for the people and it is a thing for the Niche market ONLY.

This trend continued till 2000, (I think so) and later, mobile companies are forced to revamp their tariff rate with the launch of multinationals, TRAI influence and Govt of India's measures.

While we are in 2010, I don’t need to explain the revelations.......Incoming is completely free. Even with roaming, the rates are drastically reduced. ISD rates are coming down. Gone are the days of heavy mobiles, a wide range of beautiful handsets are in the market. What more, to replace the Laptop market, there are blackberrys,
I phones and Google Phones are available.

Now let me share a live example, how it is revolutionalising the common man's daily life and how it becomes the greatest (in my opinion atleast) revolution.

Last time when I went to my native place, a small village in Kollam District, Kerala, I was travelling in a private bus. Suddenly I saw the cleaner of the bus(That’s considered as an esteemed post as far as kids, students and girls concerned due to many Skill sets which a Cleaner requires to !!! ) got a phone call (the music was awesome !). He took a sophisticated Nokia mobile and started talking. He was fixing a business deal for the same bus on the next Sunday for a wedding party. He gave me a smirk on his face after ending the call as if it is BAU(Business As Usual) for him !!

I was lil' embarrassed (rather amused) on the whole episode but the shock of the life yet to come!.

Suddenly an old lady (probably older than my mother who is at 60 now) picked up her cute looking Samsung mobile fone from her bag (it was also ringing with melodic music!) and started giving direction to someone. She handled the entire conversation so efficiently and ended the call with a "Thank You”. By looking at my amusement, She also gave me a smile and told , "Am very relaxed as am able to give exact direction to my Son and also told me , this is a boon to people like me at this old age....

Look at the change done to the Bus Cleaner and an average old lady on their day to day life!!!!!

The whole night I was thinking about that , and finally I decided to declare this tp the world; "Mobile fone is surely the greatest revolution of the century!!!"

Do you agree ????

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