Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2014 -Jan to Dec - An unforgettable year in my life !!!

This is my first post in 2015, hence let me start by thinking about the last year.

It was indeed an unforgettable leaf in my life. Every year it will be ,as we all go through many events that can create enough euphoria around...and eventually help us make it an unforgettable one. So its common , at the end of every year , most of us declare " unforgettable" .. but Why am I saying this , after 5 months of new year, it was an unforgettable one ? yes there is enough reason for me :)

my unforgettable year statement came not because of multiple events (Happy, sad, excited , reunions ,,bla bla) ohh ...those all are clichés...Its looking ordinary .. what's really exciting ?

YES... in 2013Aug- I took a strange decision .......study again !!!! yes you are right .. . Kozhikode IIM gave me admission , I chose a very light weight course which has a combination of in-campus and Off campus mode .. after all , I just want to study tats all ;)

NOW, after 20 months, when I turn back ,feel very happy that , it was indeed a courageous bold decision .. Not only me , around 39 others who are aged between 27 to 47 were lined up in IIMK campus on 30th Dec 2013, for the in campus module. IT was fun..

Sajan was looking bit lost and confused when I met him in the entrance corridor , and then came the flamboyant Vishal (I acquainted him during interview itself), we 3 became friends immediately ....and moved to the back bench happily. (My idea was to have some fun in the back bench),.. but when we reached there, realized it was foolishness...they created an amphitheater model class room and everyone in the class has almost same access to Profs.

We had an intro session in the main audi ,  some of us were asked to talk . There came the hero Himesh (that's the  pseudo name given by some chics :).. He was the man for the class.. He created a brand of himself.. with a peculiar accent , a cap and a 6 pack body structure , he has answers to all questions asked. Opinions for all statement.. Almost all classes were hijacked by our hero single handedly .. The entire class divided because of him.. While there were other HIMESHes in class , but could not shine, as the real hero was not allowing anyone to shine :)

second day , I noticed an uncle (phew he will kill me :) ) Achu came up to me and told : Biji We HAVE to deal this problem , classes are getting hijacked and we are unable to get any benefit out of it ,,Lets counter HIM.. I agreed. and then I had Rahul the young looking LG Boy next to me we were in same group , actually the back benchers became a formidable Bangalore group.. Me , Vishal, Sajan , Rahul , then right side it was Sitikanta  ..... Ohh there was one more in the right corner , .. he was so silent ....looking very dull always ...feel isolated ...I remember couple of times he requested , can I join you guys (I don't think we have noticed) ... THAT man became our most lovable darling boy in the Bangalore Boyz gang.. it was Shakti Mahapatra ..

Anyway the back benchers started involving in the discussion there on.. Suddenly ppl started wondering ... the discussion becomes multifaceted.. Saji Sir was very involving ,...he appreciated the intellects .. and Vishal & Sajan fits that quota . I gave masala tips whenever banking came .girls called me Mr Bank (O O ) ... Front rows and Middle Rows started countering our views... and Finally

.........the MISSION accomplished HIMESH stopped commenting on everything ...... and our Beloved Achu mamen ,,. Winked at me ;-)....

Meanwhile i must explain how i bcame friends with most in the class and they caught my attention in a peculiar way ,. Let me scribble some of it here :

While introducing i notice a very short man with peculiar voice and he started introducing like this " I am MONI , SUBRA MONI...from Saudi Arabia , and now in Kochi .. Moni and I were with same client in Saudi Arabia although we didn't know each other ..(what more to say , after IIM course, he joined my company :) ) . He is quite strong in one area and used to argue with Prof Swain on almost all concepts . it was nice watching him talk !

I suddenly noticed a famous Malayalam film star, Anoop Menon ahh it was Rajiv Menon , not Anoop Menon .. He came with lot of enthusiasm and used to interact with us mostly . A talented young man ...i noticed him .

Eh... who is that corporate looking very profession lady ... oh that was Bhavna .. She works for HCL CIO office , i thought let me not scratch her wrongly ... head weight Madam .. . LOL, she was not that ....actually she got irritated because of some of the self made heros in the class and later she admits the class is becoming jovial .. I moved on

OOhh who is this ... a pair is coming .. that was the young ravishing darlings in the class.. perhaps the only 2 unmarried (girls) in the class . they had a real gala time .. Although sometimes they feel very serious and involved in the assignments and all , mostly their main business was to mock at Himesh, call me Mr Bank, chit chat chit chat ... Diksha was super fast in typing and Gargi was super fast while she speaks

Then came Mr Mani.. an eligible bachelor in the class, then met Pavan (mostly silent) , Nikhilesh the Leyland man, Dilli wala Vishal , then the aunties of the class ( if i name them , they will file a case against me :) ) But how can i forget the sweet Virakta , the photographer ?

Xitiz came from pune Infy was quite decent and serious , always hang around with Pune - Mumbaikars... Shyam, Adi...they all were close there itself . Shyam ... very hardworking .. stayed back in the campus ,complete the assignments for the team, walk back down to bus stand , often catch an auto and go back to hotel. ,. AND yet always on time on the next day.  (He deserved to be the Gold medal indeed he was ..)
There are others in the class as well, because I had less interactions with them, hard to recall their faces, although most of us are now connected through Social media and Whatsapp.

That one week in campus was Amazing ... hell a lot of assignments , sleepless nights.. Quizzes, class debates, presentations, small talks, cross talks , Gossips... a group of acquaintances became thick friends like yester years classmates... Yes, I started feeling the student life , after a gap of 12 long years !!! Unforgettable ehhe ?

But , that was just a beginning only .. We had  another 37 weeks , 4 quarters to complete the course .. How will we keep up our new found interest rolling  /? Will there be same momentum when we do it online ?

What would be the class dynamics then ? how will we do assignments ? LOTs of questions

Will write about it in some other time , until then.. Ciao .......feel sleepy !


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