Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Accident leads to tragedy

We are seeing so many accidents in our day to day life and some of them would really painful.

Recently , Andra CM Y S R Reddy died on a Copter crash in Nellimala Forest , Andhra. Though there were good and bad things about him and his family, the tragic end which he faced was really painful to everyone in the country. Last one week, we all were busy in updating the details of that accident.The sad demise would create a huge vacuum in Congress party of Andhra and Govt. The Reddy family would be finding very difficult to digest this hard truth as well.

This is all about much famed political power house and hence the nationwide attention. There are 4 other unfortunate families also suffered due to this accident. (Two pilots , Principal sec, and his Security officer). Hope the Government should take adequate measures to provide some releif to their families.

Let us see a brutal murder happened in the wee hours of August Last week in Kerala which the Kin of a Multi Billion Business Magnet. Mr Paul M George Muthoot , had been brutally murdered by a group of goondas. Though Paul was there in suspicious circumstances which finally lead to the murder, here again the family lost an important life . Am wondering who can effectively handle the tears of his mother. She lost his Son in such a young age of 32 !

You would be telling, haa all those families are well fortuned by God, and the families can recover their losses over a period..

Now I would tell an accident happened on last Friday (4th September). Husband and wife travelled in a car, on the way to Kerala. Near Salem, their car hit another Vehicle which came opposite in their direction . Both the vehicles were in good speed and their Car got crushed almost full. Both Husband and Wife injured seriously and admitted to near by hospital. The ribs were broken, blood was oozing and the condition got critical soon. Finally Husband died. Wife condition continued to be critical and later taken to St.Johns hospital Bangalore.

They have 3 kids (a twin too !!) all of them are studying. Who can passify them ? Who can fulfill their dreams for the rest of their life ? They may get some insurence amounts but how can they fill the gap of a Father ? How can the money fill the gap of a Husband ?

May God bless them in their rest of the life with prosperity , peace and Joy. Let the hope and joyness revamp back soon. Thats the only thing can help them to recover fast to life.

The conclusion is : Are we Safe today ? in Roads, home, in our vehicle , work place ?

Accidents are not made by Heaven , it is very much created....the circumstances supported....

Be thankFul to the lord almighty , if you are safe and secure by the end of the day !!!!!!!



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